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Nexo Entre Raíces / Nexus Between Roots

Mari Mariel, Raíces / Roots, 2022. Woodcut and Linocut, 22 x 15 in. Courtesy of the artist.

Nexo Entre Raíces / Nexus Between Roots
March 22 - July 21

Dede Rogers Gallery

Nexo Entre Raíces / Nexus Between Roots is a print portfolio capturing the continuity of Mexican culture between Mexican artists and those who identify as Mexican while living abroad. The exhibition serves as a collection of works where artists responded to the prompt of the passage of time. They question and answer to the call of their roots and for the continuity of traditions regardless of time and space. Works on view answer several questions often posed to artists working in Mexico and United States – What responsibility do they have in paying homage to their familial and ancestral lineage? For those who have left their home country, how do they preserve the link between people, land, and roots? The heart seemingly functions as a seed to be planted anew as a way to avoid complete assimilation, in the form of rooted manifestations of cultural persistence.

Participating Artists:

Mexico – Gabriel Avalos, Alec Dempster, Carlos Flores ROM, Hector Gómez, Hazel Hernández, Daniel Hernández, Violeta Juárez, Manuel B León, Mariela López, Víctor López, Román Miranda, Gabriela Morac, Nadia Osornio, Daniel Ram, Rafa Silva, and Jainite Silvestre / U.S. – Miguel Aragón, Jacob Bautista, Francisco Delgado, Juana Estrada Hernández, J. Leigh García, Nabil González, Omar González, Manuel Guerra, Paloma Mayorga, Lacey B. Mills, Juan De Dios Mora, Mario Alonso Pérez, Gisela Ramírez, Jonathan Rebolloso, Louie Salazar, Marco Sánchez, and Roberto Torres Mata.

Nexo Entre Raíces / Nexus Between Roots was curated and organized by Marco Sánchez, Director of Taller La Espina, with the support of artist and curator Claudia Ley.

Support for this exhibition is provided by the Mellon Foundation, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Texas Commission on the Arts, the El Paso Museum of Art Foundation, and the City of El Paso Museums and Cultural Affairs Department.

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