EPMA has generations of patrons to thank for its world-class collection of art and its strong growth over the years. Support from art lovers like you impact every department of the museum by:

  • Allowing our curatorial team to offer a comprehensive range of exhibitions that span borders, centuries, mediums and materials
  • Helping our educational department provide a dynamic array of programs, workshops and tours for our community
  • Keeping our foundation strong, literally, through conservation and maintenance

Foundation gifts are a wonderful way to honor or memorialize a family member or friend. Making a charitable gift to the EPMA Foundation ensures the Museum’s future as a diverse cultural treasure for all Border Region residents and visitors for many generations to come. There are many possible Methods of Giving.

Named Funds

A Named Fund in the EPMAF Endowment is an enduring means of support for EPMA. With a minimum gift of $10,000, donors are given a fund to name as desired and are encouraged to make future contributions to increase the value and support possibilities of those funds.

Naming Opportunities

Naming opportunities for endowed funds and spaces in the museum are available. Inspire future generations to support EPMA by taking advantage of the naming opportunities throughout the museum. The opportunities, listed below, include Named Funds, galleries, classrooms and offices.

Kress Collection of European Art Galleries
The three recently reinterpreted and renovated galleries that house the Samuel H. Kress Collection comprise the most prestigious collection of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque art in the region. Divided by theme, the 3,300 square-foot space is arguably El Paso’s most important site of artistic patrimony and features fifty-seven paintings as well as two marble sculptures. Predominantly Italian in origin, the Renaissance paintings include altarpieces as well as portraits and mythological subjects by masters such as Filippino Lippi, Benedetto Bonfigli, Sano di Pietro, and Lorenzo Lotto. Works from the later periods of the Baroque and Rococo are more internationally diverse, including significant pieces by the Spanish Golden Age masters Jusepe de Ribera, Francisco de Zurbarán, and Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, and the French portraitists Hyacinthe Rigaud and Alexis-Simon Belle.

Gallery I (Features a Madonna and Child by Sandro Botticelli) - $300,000
Gallery II (Features paintings by Zurbarán and Artemesia Gentilleschi) - $300,000
Gallery III (Features portraits and landscapes by artists including Canaletto and Van Dyck) - $300,000

Art School Classrooms
With three spacious, functional classrooms located on the first floor, the EPMA Art School offers hands-on educational opportunities each year to approximately 1,500 students diverse in age, experience, interests and needs.

A General Purpose (capacity 20 children or 15 adults) – $200,000

B Ceramics (capacity 30 children or 25 adults) – $150,000

C Sculpture (capacity 40 children or 35 adults) – $150,000

Art School Office
Situated in the Art School Hallway and near the ceramic and printmaking classrooms, this space provides the Art School Coordinator and Teaching Artists with an office to plan lessons, meet with students, and hold office hours. It also gives our Teaching Artists a place to strategize and relax before students arrive. EPMA Teaching Artists educate more than 5,000 students annually thru classes, a tour and studio program for schools, Family Day Workshops, as well as drop-in workshops, and signature cultural event workshops during Chalk the Block and Dia de los Muertos - $50,000

Event & Exhibition Sponsorships

Sponsorships are a great way to engage with the public, elevate your or your business’s public recognition, and provide indispensable support to EPMA by facilitating the museum in developing and presenting some of the finest cultural, educational and public programs in the Southwest. You can develop innovative local and regional collaborations with extraordinary results as a sponsor while:

  • Sustaining the visual arts and enabling the community to make, appreciate and learn from them
  • Enhancing your profile by aligning with a leading regional arts organization
  • Establishing a legacy of passion and philanthropy in the art community
  • Providing unique experiences for yourself, clients or employees.

EPMA’s sponsorship program offers flexible engagement at various Sponsorship Levels.

Business Sponsorships

EPMA works closely with local industry leaders to develop innovative collaborations that achieve extraordinary results. Sponsorship of EPMA events offers companies the chance to share visionary art and extraordinary experiences with employees, partners and clients in one of El Paso’s most iconic downtown spaces. Sponsoring exhibitions also enable companies to differentiate themselves in an evolving marketplace. By collaborating with EPMA, companies gain the unique opportunity to engage with an audience that values heritage preservation and visual art, aligning a company logo and brand with culture and creative excellence.

Business sponsorship at EPMA provides companies with a wide assortment of experiences, perks and opportunities through the unparalleled access to world-class exhibitions, education programs and special events. Privileges may include:

Community Involvement
Supporting EPMA means supporting your community and the quality of life for all residents of the Borderplex. EPMA celebrates the unique, multicultural identity of its context, and provides audiences of all backgrounds with ways to engage with the museum’s world-class exhibitions, collections and educational programs.

Targeted Audience Outreach
Aligning your business with EPMA elevates your branding, providing visibility and access to the unique demographic of the Museum’s community of art patrons and creative leaders. EPMA works with its business sponsors to achieve desired marketing objectives through:

  • Prominent brand visibility through acknowledgment in the museum, online and in print
  • Opportunities to host private events at the museum
  • Exclusive access to VIP events and engagement with niche membership groups
  • Client entertaining opportunities, including invitations to museum events and private tours
  • Licensing of museum images and artworks

Employee Perks
Supporting EPMA Foundation provides new opportunities to build company culture and morale.

  • VIP access to a variety of invitation-only events and parties
  • Invitations to exhibition previews and lectures
  • Employee discounts at the EPMA Museum Store, Art School and paid programs

From the dramatic Isha Rogers Sculpture Gallery facing the Tom Lea Gallery to the sleek, light-filled Larry Francis Board Room, the EPMA’s modernist building offers a variety of spaces for sponsors to privately entertain clients, colleagues, employees and other guests.

In addition to EPMA’s flexible sponsorship levels, the Development Office will also work with you to identify and meet your objectives by developing a custom sponsorship package.

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