Select spaces at EPMA are available for rental. Restrictions apply that ensure the safety of guests, art, and the museum facility.

Certain events are not permitted including commercial sales, trade shows, fundraisers, and religious or political activities.

For more information, contact EPMA at An EPMA staff member will contact you for details.

Facility Rental FAQs

How far in advance must I submit my facility rental request?

We prefer that requests are made at least 8 weeks in advance of the proposed event.

Is EPMA staff available to work at facility rental events?

Yes. The safety of visitors, the art, and museum is paramount. At least one museum security staff member will be available for every event. At EPMA’s discretion, additional staff may be required based on the size of event and spaces used.

What is provided with the rental fee?

The rental fee only includes the rental of the space. You are responsible for all your event needs.

May we install decorations for our event?

Yes, all decorations must be free standing; nothing may be affixed to the walls, fixtures, or facility without EPMA’s written permission. Flowers are allowed, but must be removed after event. All decorations must be flameproof. The use of any type of fire or flame is prohibited.

May we serve food and alcoholic beverages from outside vendors?

Yes, please follow the museum’s catering, food preparation, and beverage service policies. Renters are responsible for kitchen staff, clean-up, and removal of all food, beverages, supplies and equipment. Please note, no food and beverages allowed in galleries.

May we photograph inside the museum?

Yes, please follow the museum’s photography policy.

Where is the most convenient parking?

Parking is available at the Mills Parking Garage, Convention Center Parking Garage, or at metered parking.

Is the El Paso Museum of Art accessible for those with disabilities?

Yes, the museum is accessible for those with disabilities. There is accessible drop-off on Santa Fe Street, in front of the museum.

Do I need additional insurance?

Yes, you are required to purchase Tulip (Tenant Users Liability Insurance Policy). Tulip may be easily purchased online and museum staff will provide guidance.

Are there any prohibited events?

Commercial sales, trade shows, prepaid ticketed events or fundraisers, religious or political events and activities are not permitted.

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