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vanessa german

vanessa german, Black Girl on Skateboard Going Where She’s Got to Go to Do What She’s Got to Do and It Might Not Have Anything to Do With You, Ever, 2022. Lemony things…, 48 x 22 x 26 in. Courtesy of Art Bridges.

Siempre Selena / Selena Forever

John Dyer, American born 1947. Selena, 1992. Archival ink on paper, 58 x 58 in. Collection of the artist.

Nexo Entre Raíces / Nexus Between Roots

Mari Mariel, Raíces / Roots (detail), 2022. Woodcut and Linocut, 22 x 15 in. Courtesy of the artist.

Selections from the 2024 Border Biennial

Haydee Alonso, “Bad” hyphens separate; “good” hyphens attach, 2023. Sterling silver and brass, 12.8 in. Image courtesy of the artist, Photos © Miguel Eduardo Vargas 2023.

Congressional Art Competition

Elizabeth Maldonado, Girl in Bloom. Mix media on paper, 26 1/2” x 23”. Parkland High School. Courtesy of the Artist.

A Beautiful Mess: Weavers & Knotters of the Vanguard

Kirsten Hassenfeld, Millefleur (detail), 2019, salvaged textiles with mixed media, 78 inches diameter

Tom Lea and Contemporaries

Tom Lea, Rio Grande, 1954. Oil on canvas, 22 ¼ x 32 in. El Paso Museum of Art, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Decherd in honor of Isabelle Thomason Decherd and H. Ben Decherd, 1996.10.1

Jorge Rojas: Coyotek

Jorge Rojas, Chac Mool, 2021. Video still: Joshua Samson. Courtesy of the artist.

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