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Two Sides of the Border

Iwan Baan, El Paso - Juárez Border, 2018. Photograph courtesy the artist.

Two Sides of the Border
November 9, 2019 - December 8, 2019

C2 Gallery

Lecture + Reception
Saturday, November 9, 4:00 pm

This exhibition presents architectural design work—models, drawings, digital renderings—by over one hundred architects, educators, and students from international architecture studios and thirteen universities in the United States and Mexico. The works address territorial economies, migration, housing, creative industry, and local production as they relate to the border. Photographs of the U.S./Mexico border region by Dutch photographer Iwan Baan and commissioned maps by Estonian architect and cartographer Thomas Paturet are interspersed with contributions by faculty from Columbia University, Cornell University, Texas Tech University College of Architecture at El Paso, Universidad Iberoamericana, and Yale University, among others. Two Sides of the Border illuminates cross-cultural dynamics, bringing together the efforts of artists, designers, educators, and students from the border region and across the world.

Two Sides of the Border is the result of an alliance of architecture studios organized by Mexican educator and architect Tatiana Bilbao. In El Paso, the exhibition is organized by Ersela Kripa, Assistant Professor, Texas Tech University College of Architecture at El Paso, is designed and curated by NILE, and is supported by TTU College of Architecture.​

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