The Hands of Cantú Presentation & Dramatic Reading
The Hands of Cantú Presentation & Dramatic Reading
November 5, 2021
4:00 PM

Free Admission

The El Paso Museum of Art is one of the largest repositories of Tom Lea paintings, including the complete set of ink wash illustrations for The Hands of Cantú. A gift from Mary Lewis Kleberg of the King Ranch,they help tell the story of orphaned Toribio as he is mentored by Don Vito Cantú, a breeder of the finest horses in New Spain. Toribio advances from roping cows to putting “a great horse through every elegant variation of movement, using a single finger of the left hand on the reins.” When someone rustles the horses in exchange for Indian concubines and gold, there’s adventure in egaining them. This presentation explores the novel’s themes followed by a dramatic reading by Eden Performing Arts, a viewing of the original illustrations, and reception with Spanish music.

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