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Artists of all backgrounds have left their mark around the Downtown El Paso Arts District. We’ve compiled a list of all the must-see public art.

Public Art
The River Chronicle: A History of El Paso del Norte

This is the artistic glass window located on the clock tower of Southwest University Park at the Durango St. entrance. The window features the chronology of the Pass of the North.

Points of Light

Underneath the Durango St. bridge you’ll find three six-foot steel piñatas. The piñatas are lighted from within and mark the boundary of the Union Plaza Entertainment District.

Pedestrian Pathway Mural Walk

This pathway connects pedestrians to the Arts Festival Plaza and the Union Plaza District. It features a giant mural. You can find it on Durango St. between San Francisco Ave. and San Antonio Ave.

Chroma Booster

Located on the Pedestrian Pathway, between the ballpark and the Chamber of Commerce building off Santa Fe St., this interactive visual and sensory installation releases mist at random intervals. At night, LED lighting gives the mist a vibrant color.

Silver Lining

These lighted sculptures dot the Civic Center Plaza in front of the El Paso Convention Center. The sculptures were inspired by the palm trees that used to line the perimeter of the Abraham Chavez Theatre.

Not Whole Fence

This fabricated aluminum fence is at the corner of Missouri and Santa Fe St. on the edge of Southwest University Park. The hole-y fence gives a glimpse inside the ballpark.

Aztec Pavilion

This unique combination of art and renewable energy can be found at 605 N. Sante Fe St. The pavilion is both shaded and light-filled with a detailed ceiling that evokes the Aztec calendar. The nine solar panels power outlets located on the structure.

Time Expanding

Located at the entrance of the El Paso Museum of History, the clear float glass features handblown glass and airbrushing techniques to reflect on the concepts of time as it applies to southwest geological sites.

Leaves of Wind

The Mesa Brio stop features a painting of local flora that only become visible as viewers move past.

Los Lagartos

This playful sculpture was designed by El Paso-native Luis Jiménez to commemorate the live alligators that once lived in an artificial lagged in the middle of San Jacinto Plaza.

Walkway in front of the El Paso Convention Center

The Santa Fe St. sidewalk in front of the El Paso Convention Center features vibrantly colored murals, perfect for selfies.

El Paso Museum of Art Wall

On the side of the El Paso Museum of Art, facing Santa Fe St., you’ll find a mural in the recess of the wall.

Walkway behind the El Paso Museum of History

On the Missouri Ave. side of the El Paso Museum of History there is a mural featuring the Streetcar, local plants and other regional elements.

El Paso Murals

There are many more murals in and around the El Paso Downtown Arts District. Click here to find a Mural Map featuring a handful of these significant murals by local artists! Download Mural Map Here

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